Grievances EP


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released October 13, 2010



all rights reserved


VICE Staten Island, New York

No One Gets Buried With You. Frequency Deleted Records. 2015

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Track Name: Quarantined
All My endeavors remain in vain
Apathetic and teeming with pain
Weighed down void of any shame
Let downs and failures surround me.
Feeling like I'm quarantined
like a spread fucking disease. only infecting me.
I can't fucking breathe
Track Name: Grievances
Not really feeling like myself today
My mind is cloudy and every cloud is gray
Not really knowing how much more I can take
Keep your distance stay the fuck away from me
I've seen these stories all before
My brain is rotting to its core
And all I see is misery
The weight of this world is killing me
I can't stand any fucking one
Someone tell me what I've become
telling me to get a fucking clue
Let me be me and you be you
Fed to the dogs and casted away
I bear only hate.
Don't fucking touch me
Keep your distance
I'm no longer adjusting
Track Name: Roadblock
A fucking blindfold strapped and fasted on your face
The antichrist feeds on the ignorant and weak
As the empire rules with an iron fist of thieves
And youve been so disillusioned with your life to see the roadblock staring you in the face
Banking in on paranoia they herd you in like fucking sheep
You've been decieved as you fall to your knees. The end of times is fueled by their greed
ill set your fucking faith to flames and show the world the error of their hierarchy
Track Name: Streaming a File of Bullshit
A fucking distortion.your monitors just a blur. youve been decieved and fooled.
left out of your own loop. led astray its time to stop. grow the fuck up
My generation. Vultures prey upon persuasion. No confrontation. Only alienation. Streaming fables. Unhook me from these cables.
Track Name: Your Tears Come From Your Faucet
Just fucking die
Fuck you
Piece of shit
Waste of space
You're a fucking fake
What are you crying for
I can't take this whining anymore
I could care less our only difference is you won't admit it
24 hour suicide watch 24 hours no care at all
Fuck you piece of shit
Mourning and pain all in vain
Just fucking die your life passed you by
Societys well is running dry
Our youth went straight to hell