No One Gets Buried With You


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released May 12, 2015

Recorded and mixed by Jeremy Comitas
Artwork by Travis Hatley
Logo by Vinny Rega
Layout by Chris Chilemmi
All songs and lyrics written by Vice
Additional vocals on "softcore" by John Caution
Additional vocals on "shoalin idols" by Tom Sheehan



all rights reserved


VICE Staten Island, New York

No One Gets Buried With You. Frequency Deleted Records. 2015

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Track Name: Softcore
Im gonna say what i want. And no fake "PC punk" is gonna stop me. You're on board, your behind the cause. The only thing is you don't care at all. Get out of my face, I'm already bored. Fuck your zine and fuck your false wars. Im sick of the safety. Im tired of the censor bars. Im over this contest. You make me wanna put my head through a wall. CLAIM YOU HAVE AN OPEN MIND. BUT WHEN I SPEAK WHATS ON MINE I END UP FUCKING CRUCIFIED. Fuck your ignorance. Fuck your hypocrisy. Fuck racism. Fuck religion. Fuck atheism. Fuck this schism. Fuck you over sensitive pieces of shit. Get over it.
(John Caution)
Save yourself. Cause I'm fine, you're clearly confused. I know right from wrong, you are the nazi. I dont need a fucking sign to show me the ways of a true punk. I understand this better than you ever will.
Track Name: Shaolin Idols
I see through your act, your image- face the facts. They idolize a fucking fraud, your time has come. Rise and fall.
(Tom Sheehan)
Sitting, Waiting, Watching, Nothing.
Transparent words, who's interests served? What has been learned? Nothing.

Everything you've ever done is wrong. You claim you know it all in every song. SATISFIED WITH A WORTHLESS LIFE. But ill be happy when you fucking die.
Track Name: Fashion Victim
We came, we saw, they left, their gone. Same old dance, same old songs. Im sick of your fashion shows. Impressed with all the merch you've sold. Am i the only fucking one who can't even relate at all? You all look the same. Cherish your hardcore gold on ebay. You all sound the same, everything we stand for, they pissed away. Use your mommys credit card. "merch swap" can suck my dick. Start using the internet for positives. Another fucking Leeway "rip"? I could really give a shit. These are things that no longer hold significance, and now i know well never be the same. I wish i could relate. We were supposed to be birds of a feather man. But now all you are to me is another fashion victim.
Track Name: Self Worship
Taken from the womb to an early tomb. Sacrifice your mind- your body. NO AFTERLIFE WAITS FOR ME. No crutch. Break free from the binding tides. DONT BE A SLAVE TO THEIR LIES.
Track Name: Judgement
Time to tear down humanity in every form.
No one is safe. All our guilty and this is our only escape.
Track Name: No One Gets Buried With You
Its always flowing through me. Constant hatred.
Born from bullshit you've created.
Never ending abhorrent beliefs. Paranoid delusions from a tortured soul who's losing grip.
fuck it. closed casket. I am truly alone in this world of shit, spare me your thoughts. This is my life to live. Trust no one. Hate everything. The loathing keeps unraveling.
Permanent peace. Set me free. SUFFER ALONE. Get buried with no one.
buried with no one.