You Made Us This Way


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released April 20, 2012



all rights reserved


VICE Staten Island, New York

No One Gets Buried With You. Frequency Deleted Records. 2015

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Track Name: Teenage Nightmare
These fucking kids
They just want shit
They just take shit
"I'm totally drained of any dreams
Why care about shit when the worlds been handed to me
I've been so fed up with this life that I have
cause my mommy didn't buy me that new prada bag"
Is that too bad? Lifes too fuckin bad
You boys and girls need some fucking manners
How the fuck could you whine with all those silver platters?
While the rest just get by with what they struggle for
you just keep complaining that you need more and more
The wasted youth, the unseen truths
While plagues run rampant in the streets
Put your poison on pedestals, peel back the wool
And you'll fucking see
These Spoiled fucking selfish kids who just can't learn what a book is
The grass gets greener everyday. As they kill themselves and waste away
Pass the buck
In their teenage nightmare
This place will never be the same while my head always hangs in shame
I wish you could see life outside diamond eyes.
Where there's actual pain. Where there's gray fucking skies.
Where my grass doesent get any fucking greener
When you despise the majority and the minority is 4
When your only time of true happiness is screaming on a floor
In a room full of kids who share one thing they love
And were not these fucking cliques whose main concern are cars and drugs
Because the pain that you and I feel
Are worlds apart
When you're alone in a room of your peers
With just a cold heart. Just don't start
Track Name: Branch Off
Leave hardcore as hardcore
Leave hardcore where it belongs
Leave hardcore the fuck alone
Hardcore was never meant to branch off
All of you You stupid fuckin kids
You'll never be one us
Its about the fuckin message
Not genres and fronts
When its all said and done
This is what we live for
When its all said and done
Hardcores just hardcore
Track Name: Departure
Human filth. you have all destroyed the only things ive ever loved
I can't stand one thing that's near
Feeling only fear
Maladjusted and disgusted by plagues and fucked up ways
A fucking curse I love to bear that worsens each passing day
The scum that I've seen has left me dead inside
A disgusting generation and I can only pray for genocide
With passion clenched in one fist and anger tightened in the other
I wrap my grip around their throats and watch the filth get smothered
Drowning in the truth, cringing at the sight of what they'll be till their coffins pile to these putrid skies
This is..... departure
So as I burn the last bridges that lead to this infected island
I take one last look back and can't help but smile
Cause while they're all shouting in agony and crying for help...
Ill watch it burn to the ground knowing there's hope for myself
Track Name: Revolt
When everything feels like its fallen apart
We are the ones who push through the disease
Sift through the rubble, pick up where we left off.
We bring the leaders to their fucking. Knees.
Mouths full of fire. And hearts full of hate
Take your outlook from the fucking debris
Kids these days haven't a clue
They need some help. They need a fucking noose
I need your opinion like I need another friend
The arrogance that fills the air has me at my wits end
The space you waste no longer suits me
I'm totally drained we can't be saved the genration of today
Fuels my
Fucking hate
Track Name: Find A Pulse
Self loathing
And loathing for the rest
What happened to the boy they knew?
My lifes a fucking mess
No fucking paths but a dark and deserted one
When I look back I can't be proud of one thing that I've done
I'm breaking mirrors cause I hate what I see
It seems like all the years of bad luck are finally catching up to me
The cold reality is all that's it store
I've already wasted so much time so why waste anymore Fuck
What's the fucking point
When all I've seen is pain
And now I'm just so numb to everyone and everything
I've become my own worst enemy
From being trapped inside this question game I play
I need some time to myself
Just avoid getting too close
This world has made me so cold
This life aint worth what I'm owed
What's the point?
Cause while the rest are at the top my mind remains in the gutter
I just pray for it all to stop I've made a hole that I can't cover
I'm digging deeper I'm never leaving
This is my grave and noones greaving
I just keep searching and coming up with nothing. I'm fucking nothing.
Track Name: Raw Deal
We only share a last name.
Rotten apple of the family tree
You're luck became an excuse to drown yourself in self abuse.
You're a victim of yourself
Play the fucking hand your dealt
Guilt trips. Fuck this.
Memories worth shit.
Just let me be
Another month another mistake
It seems the promises you make follow a broken clock
You left me to fucking rot
Track Name: Prodigal Son
Noone could tell that we even share blood
The fucking face a mother couldn't love
I've become the devils advocate
I've become nothing but a piece of shit
Test tube reccomended. Failure approved.
How could you love something like me?
I keep missing the footsteps of my polar opposite
You're fucking insults were the only encouragement
I couldn't be what you wanted me to be
I couldn't be what you needed me to be
And I'm not sorry for not being your clone. This isn't family. This isn't home.
Track Name: Feel The Pressure
An age old story a likely excuse
You're so fucking scared and you know its the truth
You crave acceptance more than your addicitions
The domino effect it never fucking ends.
You were just trying to fit in
You just wanted to try new things
You were just trying to fit in
And now you're being fitted for your grave
Real friends don't kill friends
Put the pressure to an end
You can't find yourself when you're brain dead
Why don't you just flex your head
There's no point in trying to fit in
Eyes on the prize. Look straight ahead
You've been fooled over and over again
Now you're hooked. Now you need your fix
Its so pathetic
I just want you to understand
Now I won't even extend my hand
You can't take the fucking pressure
Ill never feel the fucking pressure
Track Name: Vice Grip
You're just a victim of faith
A braindead follower with no strength
Get a grip on reality
Its De evolution of the human race.
False hope. Fake power. On a random face
You've been raised on a fucking crutch
Told to praise someone who has no fucking love
Your myth, you call the almighty
Will never see me fall to my knees
Satan in a steeple
Controls all the people
Break down the lives who wait for that one night when they finally can see the bright light
Keep their mouths shut with the fucking lies
The fucking martyrs drop like flies
Don't tell me what's wrong whats right
Fuck your punishments fuck your afterlife
Gods and books aren't moral guides
You've searched and searched and you wasted your time
Noone was there when my life caved in
No consequences for the worlds sin
No consequences for my sin
Unanswered prayers and brainwashed kids
Tragedies and ignorance
They're fucking cold. They have no soul
They want dollar signs. Not open minds.
You're faith is a vice grip
You're blinded
Track Name: Identity Crisis
Everything to prove. Flex your fucking head
Just heading in different directions and they're all dead ends
Keep running in search of that missing piece
But maintaining your values will always be out of your reach
A double life. Jekyl and hyde
The fuckin beggar. The fucking king.
But in the end you're nobody.
Something that runs through my blood and veins. Something at the core of my heart
Is what you claim that we share but you're... You're only claiming the part
This is a family. You're not a brother. Don't claim to be. You're starting to make me sick.
Sick of your mouth that constantly spews shit.
You're just a sheep in a herd left to die in a dump when hard times come your way your ink starts to run.
You'll never be nothing more than an attention whore how can something you'll never know be all that's left to fight for
You don't belong. Odd one out
Identity crisis. You'll never know what were about. You dont know what you're about
Track Name: Love Ballad
Hold you down
Drag you down
I've been lost and found
I've felt so guilty keeping you around
Ill never be your soulmate
Neither of us can win
A greedy heartless fucking joke
I'm uncomfortable in my own skin
Love was thrown around and smashed against my head
I can't keep my balance neither of us can win
And promises don't last. And you'd be better off without this
I've broken down a perfect soul. Apathy.
I tried to make a change but now its too late
You don't love me even I don't love me
You don't know me i dont know myself
I thought I knew you but now that seems so fucking funny
Track Name: Golden Age
I spent my fucking life walking on egg shells. Everything went wrong so now I'm walking in hell
Wasting time wasting space
Searching for the better days
I wanna be stuck in my golden age
But I'm trapped in a nightmare called reality
Losing myself. Losing my mind.
Stuck in the past. Wish I was 2 years behind.
Gotta retrace the steps I used to take
Recently I've been led astray
Into the desert in my mind
Now I'm just lifeless all the time
Where did all the time go?
Along with the bliss and ignorance?
Before I opened my eyes picked out the things I despise
And realized I'm just living in shit
Eaten alive by my fucking life
A slave to depression I need to fucking rise
Bad mistakes. Even if I turn to a smiling face it wouldn't help because every smile is fake
My youths on trial. Downward spiral. I wanna be able to crack a real fucking smile
Growing up has only weighed me down
Others have happiness. But all I've found
Is that at the end of the day I've lost the life that I've made. I'm 17 with nothing but a bad taste.
As time passes I'm only getting older
Wasting away as my black heart grows colder
Unmotivated. I've just faded
Into a rut and I can't break it.
Mom says face the real life
I can't let life pass me by
Nostalgia eating away at me
This is no kind of life. I'm losing everything
Every mornings the same old shit
No more passion. No friends. I'm at my wits end
My anger turned inward
A liar a quitter
There's not an ounce of hope left inside
Some days I wish I'd just fucking die
Everything I try turns to shit
This is total abandonment
Track Name: Shoot the Messenger
Shut the fuck up
Noone cares what you have to say
None of it makes sense anyway
My lifes been your favorite topic
You're "facts" are lies so just fuckin drop it.
Track Name: Phases
Straight from straight edge
Down to anger
This just isn't the real me
I need to grow up and live a life I don't want and feel nothing about everything
A black sheep of society. No love for a martyr like me. This world don't need me and I don't need it. Cause all its offered is leeches and selfish pigs.
There's nothing to fucking prove
I'm sick of being told what the fuck to write
And what to say and where to play and what merch to fucking buy
Censor all this anger that keeps getting fucking worse
And change the music that I play cause you're all fucking nerds
No one can change the blood in my veins, hardcore has brought me where I am today.
My lifes been put on hold and I'm trying to fit this mold I still can't seem to find
And when I'm down to my core
I just wanna know more
But it seems I'm always short on time
Lost some friends and gained a family
You can question my blood but you can't break me.
Pushed a future out to fit this burden in. This isn't a phase this is where the rest of my life begins.
Track Name: V.ague I.ntentions C.ause E.mpathy
There's no deeper meaning in your fucking life
So its the images in which you confide
Conform to non conformity
Follow the instructions on your computer screen and mtv. Individuality. A distant memory.
Dressed to impress. Just like all the rest.
Please Give it a rest. You're just like all the fucking rest.
Suffer with the life you live
Suffer with a life that's full of shit
Track Name: You Made Us This Way
If there's no place like home than where the fuck am I?
This island only harbors hate.
And its spit back in my face each day
You fucking made us this way.
With all the shit you ever say
Product of the fucking wasteeee
You say were all a joke.
But you could suck my fucking dick.
Cuz we'll keep screaming and being everything that makes you fucking sick
Track Name: Hideous
They're running a campaign of fear and hate And they just want you to consume the products that make you great
Stop focusing on what you see on the surface
You're obsessed with possesion
And the looks you purchase
Plastic fucking smiles on your plastic fucking faces
You took your fucking brains and you've replaced them
With something I hate in every single way
I look at you and wanna fucking puke
Teenage barbie dolls I can't stand their looks
Cause I'm not something out of their preteen books
Perfect your mind perfect your soul
All morals and intelligence out the window
Production line full of fakes
Give in to the hype And seal your fate
You're fucking perfect to the naked eye
But your hideous on the inside
You're a disgusting piece of shit
You've destroyed your life you make me fucking sick
I may not have all the looks and all the friends in the world
But I'm so fucking happy ill never be like you
Track Name: DOG.EAT.DOG.
Broken bones and fractured hopes
You are the ones who've wrecked home
No fucking free speech just a militant hold
Passions gone only the test of strength
And now its at a point where my teeth are clenched
Your rage shot down my fucking hope
Your rage shuts down and I'm all alone
My rage is worth more than cheap shots
My rage is words and its all I've got
The testerone has formed a mold and now our sanctuarys in a chokehold
Your eyes remain green and your knuckles red
The need for overcharging and violence has got to end
Step through these doors and tear it down
You're fucking fists are the only inspiration you've found
Segregated deteriated
Still stuck in a rat race and you'll never make it
When the chips were down you bailed out
You chose a new direction and a different crowd
You roll with your punches and you're fucking trends
The superiority has got to end
I can't survive in a scene
Where it will always be
Dog eat dog!
Track Name: R.W.K.
Youre a fucking mindless
fucking drone
your fucking mindless
youll die alone
Welcome to the daily grind
You live your life with a programmed mind
Nothing to look forward to, no fucking soul
A number in society. Play your role
Robot in a business suit
This life they offered is killing you
American nightmares ain't for me
Requirements of life are fucking killin me
I've been forced to live a dream I don't want
Living in my fantasies for so long
And I'm nothing more than a fucking mule
Making the rich get richer while begging for food
I can't live my life through you
I'm tired of ringing up minimum wage
And I'm tired of serving these people I hate
There's a feeling in the pit of my stomach
It gets worse each day its making me so sick
I don't wanna end up dead
Get these programs out of my head
Track Name: Strength and Stability
I'm angry I'm stressed
Frustrated depressed
A failed perfectionist
No compassion; theres just unrest
Look through the lines
What did you find?
Living life is denied
I'm dying inside
Dying inside
Stability is never an option
When every day is a roller coaster of my emotions
When every morning there's no strength
To face these nights I spend hoping for the end
When every night is spent hoping for the end