by Vice

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released September 14, 2013

Recorded by Jeremy Comitas at Stained Glass Studios



all rights reserved


VICE Staten Island, New York

No One Gets Buried With You. Frequency Deleted Records. 2015

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Track Name: Since Birth
I can see-Everything-collpasing-memories. Put in my trust. It turned to dust. Life of shit ahead of us. I think I've loved, I know I've lost, and I know I'm losing my mind. And I'm tired of feeling strung out. Always living life like I'm running out of time. Theres no one in the end. When youre dreams are caving in. Theres nothing in the end but a life of regret and doubt...and sin. I feel it caving in. Youre crippling faith cant numb the pain. I feel it crashing down. Everything that i worked for means nothing now. Life wasted. Youth wasted. And I've faced it...I cant make it. Your fucking set up since birth to carry your miseries all alone on the earth and its a pointless trial. An endless cycle. Sometimes you have to choose between a gun or denial. Our youth was flawed. Our dreams are flawed. Our mentality, humanity, its all been wrong. Since birth.
Track Name: Every Future is Flawed
Ive tried and Ive tried. Ive struggled and waited. Ive pounded the pavement with my fucking head. Over and over and over again. Still theres nothing left. But a blank page. Nothing has been written and my hands have been tied. Faith has died but dont worry its fine. Leave another school, quit another job, scrape up enough money for the next tour. Then numb the pain until you come back down, down into your bed, the lowest depths. Lowest self esteem. Lowest confidence. I just cant find the common sense to abandon all of this- Life isnt just fun. Maybe ill find some peace after all the grieving's done. But then again I was never the happy one. What kind of life is this? Whos to say whats good or bad for my life? Right and wrong paths were never clear to see. Got the world in the palm of my hands, but the foundations always crumbling beneath me.
Track Name: Not in with the Out-Crowd
Turned our backs on a world who never gave us a chance. Now you turn your backs on the same group of outcasts. Never had a place to call home. Did everything we wanted on our fucking own. I see no sanctuary. So you can have HARDCORE. Its not what i thought it was anymore. What happened to the black sheep? Practice what you fucking preach. Im back in the halls of my fucking high school, its apparent to me this means nothing to you. So while youre trying to cash in your fucking points, ill be livin my life with my own voice. Is this just some game you play? Or is it plain hypocrisy? Im back in the halls of my fucking high school, its apparent to me...this meant nothing to you.
Track Name: Leave
Completely disenchanted with the hand that weve been dealt. Always against the odds. But well get by without your help. Completely outnumbered. Now i see what your all about. Only help the ones who are "worthy" based on all the shit they spout. And everyones a fucking fake. Whether it be to support the blacks or gays. And you preach all these views, but what do you actually do? Besides sit behind a screen and criticize bands that you dont like. Thats not hard work to me. Youve let the ideas of a FLAWED herd control your life. Every fucking day to you is a contest and all the judges are here today....but theyll be gone tomorrow. Hardcore ruined hardcore. Love the music and hate the kids. Your mind is a vacancy. Why dont you just fucking LEAVE?
Track Name: Last of the Try-hards
Open your eyes. Say what you mean. I dont have time for sensitivity. This place is my home. Or so i thought. Im gonna get my message across, whether you like it or not. I dont have time for the try hards. It was never our job to control eachothers thoughts.